Afghanistan Groundwater

Hydrogeology Department
Ministry of Energy and Water
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

WAPECA Building, Airport Road, Kabul

Hydrogeology Department in the Ministry of Energy and Water was previously Geoengineering and Hydrogeological Department in the Ministry of Mines with 5 divisions: Hydrogeological Research, Ground Water License and Permit, Planning, Drilling and Geoengineering. When Geoengineering and Hydrogeological Department of the Ministry of Mines got merged with Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ground Water License and Permit Division merged with Water Law Department and became Water Right Division within Water Management Affairs Department and Geoengineering Division merged with Survey and Design Department of Ministry of Energy and Water.

Who is Who

Mr Jamal Naser Shokory - Acting Director
Mr Yusuf Asadullah - Senior Hydrogeologist
Mr Anayatullah Popalzai - Hydrogeologist
Mr Bashir Ahmad - Hydrogeologist
Mr Samir Dehpoor - Hydrogeologist
Mr Abdul Hakeem - Hydrogeologist
Mr Mohammad Hosain - Hydrogeologist
Mr Abdul Hamid - Geophysicist
Mr Moshtary - Hydrologist
Mr Baryalai - GIS Specialist
Mr Abdul Hakim - Engineer
Mr Habibullah - Engineer
Mr Aziz Rehman - Environmental Specialist
Mr M. Naser Afzali - Hydrogeologist
Mr Maziar Karimi - GIS Specialist


Jamal Abdul Naser Shokory Acting Director

Assadullah Yousuf Senior Hydrogeologist

Working Group Hydrogeologist