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Water Law

Provision of GW in Afghanistan Water Law

Article 8 2. Planning, management and development of water resources is the responsibility of Ministry of Energy and Water MEW in collaboration with concerned ministries and agencies.

3. Planning and its implementation for survey, detection, investigation, research and identification of ground water storage, its monitoring and protection against contamination and determining chemical and bacteriological composition is the responsibility of the Ministry of Mines MoM in close collaboration with Ministry of Public Health MPH and National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA).

3.1 Protection of surface water from contamination and monitoring its quality is the responsibility of NEPA in close collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock MAIL, MEW, Ministry of Urban Development MUD, Ministry of Rural rehabilitation MRRD, MPH and MoM.

Article 10 The ministry of Energy and Water shall have the following functions: 1. Developing and processing the national policy and strategy of the water sector in accordance with this law in close collaboration with line ministries and agencies.

2. Developing plans of water resources usage for various purposes in accordance with the national priorities and submitting the outcome to the Supreme Council of Water Management.

3. Collecting, analyzing and evaluating hydrological data of surface water.

Article 19 Utilization of water resources without a permit is prohibited, except for the following purposes: 1. Drinking and basic domestic use of water not exceeding 5 cubic meters per family per day.

Article 21 1. The license and permit shall be issued based on the application of water users, including governmental water projects, in accordance with this law.

2. It is mandatory to submit an application to obtain a license or permit in the following instances:

(1) To extract surface or ground water in newly established development projects.

(6) To drill a borehole or construct a deep or shallow well for commercial, industrial, agricultural and urban water supply purposes.

4. The procedures for application of permit or license shall be developed and approved by the Ministry of Energy and Water in cooperation with other relevant ministries and institutions.

Article 34 7. In places where the rivers basin and sub-councils are not yet established, any dispute shall be resolved by the river basin agencies or water management departments.

Article 38 Deep wells may be drilled only after obtaining an authorization from the Ministry of Mines for agriculture, commercial, industry and urban water supply purposes. Digging ordinary wells to meet the need for drinking water and livelihood purposes is exempted from this provision.

Article 39 (1) The MEW, MAIL, MRRD and MoM shall jointly propose regulations and develop procedures/guidelines in order to facilitate the smooth implementation of this law.